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In a world changing faster than most of us can follow, who has time for science news? Yet now, more than ever, science provides us with clear, accurate information that not only informs but inspires! explora strives to bring you, the busy lay-person, quick, easy-to-read gems focused on the life sciences and the environment. We offer fact-based research and commentary, fostering not only a sense of wonder, but equipping you with the best information to protect this amazing planet.

In the coming months, explora will dovetail the latest research with Eco Tool Kit, a section designed to help you apply what you’ve learned. As explora grows, we see this section becoming a library of practical action anyone can use to make a difference in the world.

We welcome and encourage your feedback. explora is here to make science news as accessible, interesting, and practical as possible. Please let us know how we can do that for you. You can contact us at  jeannette@explorasciencenews.com. We look forward to hearing form you!


Meet the Editor

Jeannette Chiappone, Editor-in-Chief, Explora Science News

Jeannette Chiappone, Editor-in-Chief

Let me personally welcome you to explora!

Having been an avid, self-taught science geek my whole life, it’s a thrill to bring my passion to a larger forum. Being a child of the early space program and the first bits of genetic research, my heart belongs to astronomy and evolution.

These days, my more urgent passion is ensuring the health of this planet for many thousands of generations of all species to come. I believe we all need to keep educating and inspiring ourselves to be up to this critical task. And I will be learning and finding inspiration right along with you!

I’m looking forward to bringing other science journalists and writers on-board to fill in the areas I miss so you’ll have the broadest possible range of science news.

Again, welcome to explora. I look forward to this incredible journey together!

~Jeannette Chiappone


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